Real Estate 90 Day Program

Brand New to the Exciting World of Real Estate…

I am passionate about helping people achieve their definition success. First, I am not like all the other mentors and coaches preaching the hustle. I believe that in order to accomplish your goals it takes hard work. The hard work is comparable to the goals you set, so yes if you tell me your goal is 100 million in real estate I am going to show you how to create that hustle. If your goal is 5 more listings a week, which is just as admirable as the first goal, I have a plan for that too. I created a 90 day program that will get you from zero to One hundred in 90 days. The 90 day plan has been in Beta and is about ready to launch to the public.  I can tell you that of the 90 agents in the program 76% have done a deal in their first month.


Why 90 Days

You are probably thinking that habit forming takes 21 days and you are correct if you use a theory that was never fully vetted in the 1950’s by a plastic surgeon. That theory was later expanded to 66 days, tested a bit and has become the new norm. Well, guess what, new studies show that it takes as long as you need to do it without question. So 21, 66, 90, or a gazillion you create a new habit. I feel like 90 days gets you through all the crazy awkward stages of starting a business.



I am Starting a Business

Yes, you heard me right in that last sentence. You are joining the ranks of entrepreneurs everywhere. The 90 day program is different, while it has components that will make you wildly successful in Real Estate, these are skills you will need in any business that you will run for the rest of your life. I am about building successful people that have the knowledge to thrive in any environment. Are you fired up yet? No really are you, I don’t want you to do this if you are not 100% committed to making the lifestyle changes this requires. Selfishly, I value my time building relationships, businesses, and a beautiful life for my family, so I want to work with those who are committed and won’t distract from that. Terrific your still with me let’s get started.